Igloo IDs

Hi guys! On your cpps if you want to add an igloo if it works type !ui then the id!

Basic Igloo (Id: 1)
Candy Igloo (Id :2)
Delux Igloo (Id: 3)
Delux candy Igloo (Id: 4)
Secret Stone Igloo (Id: 5)
Snow Igloo (Id: 6)
Secret Delux Stone Igloo (Id:8)
Delux Snow Igloo (Id: 9)
Bamboo Hut (Id: 10)
Log Cabin (Id :11)
Gym (Id: 12)
Split Level Iglool (Id: 13)
Candy Split Level Iglool (Id: 14)
Snow Globe (Id: 15)
Ice Castle (Id: 16)
Split Level Snow Iglool (Id: 17)
Fish Bowl (Id: 18)
Tent (Id: 19)
Jack-O-Lantern (Id: 20)
Backyard Igloo (Id: 21)
Pink Ice Palace (Id: 22)
Ship Igloo (Id: 23)
Dojo Igloo (Id: 24)
GingerBread Igloo (Id: 25)
Restaurant Igloo (Id: 26)
Tree House (id: 27)
Theatre Igloo (Id: 28)


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