Furniture IDs

Hi guys! If the cpps your on works with furniture then your in luck! The command to add furniture is !af

Here are IDs.

ID: 1, Name: Pink Chair
ID: 2, Name: Pink Beanbag Chair
ID: 3, Name: Pink Table
ID: 4, Name: Pink Dresser
ID: 5, Name: Pink Lamp
ID: 6, Name: Pink Sofa
ID: 10, Name: Log Chair
ID: 11, Name: Log Bench
ID: 12, Name: Log Drawers
ID: 13, Name: Log Stump
ID: 14, Name: Log Table
ID: 21, Name: Blue Chair
ID: 22, Name: Blue Bench
ID: 23, Name: Blue Bookcase
ID: 24, Name: Blue Table
ID: 25, Name: Blue Deck Chair
ID: 26, Name: Blue Lamp
ID: 31, Name: Coffee Tree
ID: 32, Name: Coffee Couch
ID: 33, Name: Coffee Table
ID: 34, Name: Java Bag
ID: 41, Name: Book Room Couch
ID: 42, Name: Book Room Lamp
ID: 43, Name: Arm Chair
ID: 46, Name: Dinner Table
ID: 47, Name: Dinner Chair
ID: 51, Name: Snow Chair
ID: 52, Name: Snow Couch
ID: 53, Name: Snow Clump
ID: 54, Name: Ice Table
ID: 55, Name: Penguin Ice Sculpture
ID: 56, Name: Snow Deck Chair
ID: 57, Name: Knight Ice Sculpture
ID: 58, Name: Snowman
ID: 59, Name: Sled
ID: 61, Name: Princess Armoire
ID: 62, Name: Princess Vanity
ID: 63, Name: Princess Throne
ID: 65, Name: Mermaid Vanity
ID: 66, Name: Shell Chair
ID: 67, Name: Mermaid Clock
ID: 71, Name: Fridge
ID: 72, Name: Barbecue
ID: 73, Name: Electric Stove
ID: 74, Name: Pantry
ID: 75, Name: Kitchen Sink
ID: 76, Name: Folding Chair
ID: 77, Name: Umbrella
ID: 78, Name: Beach Ball
ID: 79, Name: Whale Inflatable
ID: 80, Name: Dragon Inflatable
ID: 81, Name: Bamboo Couch
ID: 82, Name: Bamboo Chair
ID: 83, Name: Bamboo Table
ID: 84, Name: Torch
ID: 85, Name: Palm Tree
ID: 91, Name: Green Chair
ID: 92, Name: Green Bench
ID: 93, Name: Green Bookcase
ID: 94, Name: Green Vase
ID: 95, Name: Green Deck Chair
ID: 96, Name: Green Plush Couch
ID: 97, Name: Green Chair
ID: 99, Name: Superhero Stage Poster
ID: 100, Name: Moose Head
ID: 101, Name: Aquarium
ID: 102, Name: Speaker
ID: 103, Name: Large Cactus
ID: 104, Name: Small Cactus
ID: 105, Name: Wood Cabinet
ID: 106, Name: Mona Lisa
ID: 107, Name: Recycle Bin
ID: 108, Name: Welcome Mat
ID: 109, Name: Big Screen TV
ID: 110, Name: Tombstone
ID: 111, Name: Happy Jack-O-Lantern
ID: 112, Name: Goofy Jack-O-Lantern
ID: 113, Name: Sad Jack-O-Lantern
ID: 114, Name: Spiderweb
ID: 115, Name: Silly Jack-O-Lantern
ID: 116, Name: Puffle Jack-O-Lantern
ID: 117, Name: Cauldron
ID: 118, Name: Pipe Organ
ID: 119, Name: Candelabra
ID: 120, Name: Pumpkin Lights
ID: 130, Name: Christmas Tree
ID: 131, Name: Christmas Wreath
ID: 132, Name: Fireplace
ID: 133, Name: Small Christmas Tree
ID: 134, Name: Christmas Lights
ID: 135, Name: Giant Candy Cane
ID: 136, Name: Wood Stove
ID: 137, Name: Candle Stick
ID: 138, Name: Nutcracker
ID: 139, Name: Door Garland
ID: 140, Name: Presents
ID: 143, Name: Plush Gray Chair
ID: 144, Name: Watering Can
ID: 145, Name: Rare Flower Pot
ID: 146, Name: Wood Bench
ID: 147, Name: Fan
ID: 148, Name: Lamp
ID: 149, Name: Piata
ID: 150, Name: Lava Lamp
ID: 151, Name: Oval Rug
ID: 152, Name: Rectangle Rug
ID: 153, Name: Coat Rack
ID: 154, Name: Grandfather Clock
ID: 155, Name: Modern Art
ID: 156, Name: Teddy Bear
ID: 157, Name: Student Desk
ID: 158, Name: Sunset Painting
ID: 159, Name: LCD HD-TV
ID: 160, Name: Green Rug
ID: 161, Name: Green Oval Rug
ID: 162, Name: Small House Plant
ID: 163, Name: Party Fountian
ID: 164, Name: Stereo
ID: 165, Name: Wooden Crate
ID: 166, Name: Mullet Fish
ID: 167, Name: Large House Plant
ID: 168, Name: Wall Clock
ID: 169, Name: Mexican Rug
ID: 170, Name: Pink Balloon
ID: 171, Name: Blue Balloon
ID: 172, Name: Yellow Balloon
ID: 173, Name: Red Balloon
ID: 174, Name: Green Balloon
ID: 175, Name: Party Banner
ID: 176, Name: Birthday Cake
ID: 177, Name: Dance Floor
ID: 178, Name: Jukebox
ID: 180, Name: Umbrella Table
ID: 181, Name: White Plastic Chair
ID: 182, Name: Lounging Deck Chair
ID: 183, Name: Surf Beach Towel
ID: 184, Name: Curved Desk
ID: 185, Name: Classroom Desk
ID: 186, Name: Wall Chalkboard
ID: 187, Name: Classroom Chair
ID: 250, Name: Barrel
ID: 251, Name: Piano
ID: 252, Name: Piano Bench
ID: 253, Name: Single Wall Light
ID: 254, Name: Double Wall Light
ID: 260, Name: Toy Train
ID: 261, Name: Chalk Board
ID: 270, Name: Purple Plastic Chair
ID: 271, Name: Purple Plastic Lawn Chair
ID: 272, Name: Purple Beanbag Chair
ID: 273, Name: Purple Coffee Table
ID: 274, Name: Purple Lava Lamp
ID: 275, Name: Purple Couch
ID: 280, Name: Snowboard Rack
ID: 281, Name: Dart Board
ID: 282, Name: Ski Rack
ID: 283, Name: Red CP Pennant
ID: 284, Name: Blue CP Pennant
ID: 285, Name: Straight Racetrack Piece
ID: 286, Name: Curved Racetrack Piece
ID: 287, Name: Badminton Net
ID: 288, Name: Bench
ID: 289, Name: Cricket Wickets
ID: 290, Name: Basketball Net
ID: 291, Name: Score Board
ID: 292, Name: Hockey Net
ID: 293, Name: Weight Bench
ID: 294, Name: Treadmill
ID: 295, Name: Pommel Horse
ID: 296, Name: Red Gym Mat
ID: 297, Name: Blue Gym Mat
ID: 298, Name: Tube
ID: 299, Name: Court Lines
ID: 300, Name: Exercise Ball
ID: 301, Name: Exercise Bike
ID: 302, Name: Home Plate
ID: 303, Name: Base
ID: 304, Name: Globe
ID: 305, Name: Treasure Chest
ID: 306, Name: Ship In A Bottle
ID: 307, Name: Pink Flamingo
ID: 308, Name: Porthole
ID: 309, Name: Captain’s Wheel
ID: 310, Name: Wall Map
ID: 311, Name: Penguin Monument
ID: 312, Name: Pirate Ship
ID: 313, Name: Jolly Roger Flag
ID: 314, Name: Camping Chair
ID: 315, Name: Picnic Table
ID: 316, Name: Lanterns
ID: 317, Name: Fire Pit
ID: 318, Name: Sleeping Bag
ID: 319, Name: Bunk Bed
ID: 330, Name: Red Coffee Table
ID: 331, Name: Red Plush Couch
ID: 332, Name: Red Chair
ID: 333, Name: Book Case
ID: 334, Name: Red Bean Bag Chair
ID: 335, Name: Plastic Deck Chair
ID: 336, Name: Terracotta Sun
ID: 337, Name: Terracotta Pot
ID: 338, Name: Terracotta Pitcher
ID: 339, Name: Terracotta Vase
ID: 340, Name: Mexican Vase
ID: 341, Name: Medieval Banner
ID: 342, Name: Wall Torch
ID: 343, Name: Royal Throne
ID: 344, Name: Ficus Plant
ID: 345, Name: Snake Grass
ID: 346, Name: Flower Planter
ID: 347, Name: Vacuum
ID: 348, Name: Broom
ID: 349, Name: Mop & Bucket
ID: 350, Name: Drum Kit
ID: 351, Name: Shoe Rack
ID: 352, Name: CD Rack
ID: 353, Name: Microphone
ID: 354, Name: DJ Table
ID: 355, Name: Concert Lights
ID: 356, Name: Pop Art Painting
ID: 357, Name: Starry Night Painting
ID: 358, Name: Cooler
ID: 359, Name: Pink Plastic Castle
ID: 360, Name: Clam
ID: 361, Name: Sea Weed
ID: 362, Name: Inflatable Chair
ID: 363, Name: Inflatable Sofa
ID: 364, Name: Security Camera
ID: 365, Name: Blender
ID: 366, Name: Ferris Wheel Couch
ID: 367, Name: Circus Ball
ID: 368, Name: Picket Fence
ID: 369, Name: Penguin Gnome
ID: 370, Name: Garden
ID: 371, Name: Wheelbarrow
ID: 372, Name: Waves
ID: 373, Name: Orange Banner
ID: 374, Name: Green Banner
ID: 375, Name: Purple Banner
ID: 376, Name: Regal Chair
ID: 377, Name: Chess Castle
ID: 378, Name: Chess Knight
ID: 390, Name: Cash Register
ID: 391, Name: Easel
ID: 392, Name: Penguin Band Poster
ID: 393, Name: Orange Inflatable Sofa
ID: 394, Name: Orange Inflatable Chair
ID: 400, Name: Zeus Stage Poster
ID: 401, Name: Peppy Stage Poster
ID: 402, Name: Tate Stage Poster
ID: 403, Name: Space Stage Poster
ID: 410, Name: Harp
ID: 411, Name: Disco Ball
ID: 412, Name: Music Stand
ID: 413, Name: Guitar Stand
ID: 414, Name: Band Stage
ID: 415, Name: Quarter Note
ID: 416, Name: Eighth Note
ID: 417, Name: Treble Clef
ID: 418, Name: Wall Speakers
ID: 420, Name: Life Ring
ID: 421, Name: Wall Net
ID: 422, Name: Rockhopper Portrait
ID: 423, Name: Lifeboat
ID: 424, Name: Steering Wheel
ID: 425, Name: Desert Island
ID: 426, Name: Coins For Change Banner
ID: 430, Name: Stainless Steel Stove
ID: 431, Name: Stainless Steel Fridge
ID: 432, Name: Corner Booth Seat
ID: 433, Name: Straight Booth Seat
ID: 434, Name: Coffee Maker
ID: 435, Name: Pizza Oven
ID: 440, Name: Popcorn Machine
ID: 441, Name: Ticket Booth
ID: 442, Name: Red Carpet
ID: 443, Name: Velvet Rope
ID: 444, Name: Blue Curtain
ID: 450, Name: Laboratory Desk
ID: 451, Name: Overhead Light
ID: 452, Name: Plasma Ball
ID: 453, Name: Seismograph
ID: 454, Name: Control Terminal
ID: 455, Name: Moving Eye Painting
ID: 460, Name: Stone Lantern
ID: 461, Name: Rice Paper Wall Screen
ID: 470, Name: Christmas Ribbon
ID: 471, Name: Leaning Tree
ID: 472, Name: Wall Snowflake
ID: 473, Name: Wrought Iron Lamp Post
ID: 474, Name: Stocking
ID: 475, Name: Wooden Reindeer
ID: 480, Name: Snow Wall
ID: 481, Name: Sloped Snow Wall
ID: 482, Name: Snow Fortress Wall
ID: 483, Name: Snow Arch
ID: 484, Name: Snow Tower
ID: 485, Name: Icicles
ID: 486, Name: Snowy Tree
ID: 487, Name: Small Rock
ID: 488, Name: Penguin Mask
ID: 489, Name: Wall Gecko
ID: 490, Name: Mexican Blanket
ID: 491, Name: Hand Weights
ID: 492, Name: Climbing Wall
ID: 493, Name: Stacking Washer and Dryer
ID: 494, Name: Map Area Rug
ID: 495, Name: Ironing Board
ID: 496, Name: Astro Barrier Poster
ID: 497, Name: Thin Ice Poster
ID: 500, Name: Yellow Puffle Poster
ID: 501, Name: Blue Puffle Poster
ID: 502, Name: Red Puffle Poster
ID: 503, Name: Green Puffle Poster
ID: 504, Name: Black Puffle Poster
ID: 505, Name: Pink Puffle Poster
ID: 506, Name: Purple Puffle Poster
ID: 507, Name: White Puffle Poster
ID: 511, Name: Supernova Shadow Box
ID: 512, Name: Shadow Guy Shadow Box
ID: 513, Name: Gamma Gal Shadow Box
ID: 514, Name: Accoustic Guitar Shadow Box
ID: 515, Name: Electric Guitar Shadow Box
ID: 516, Name: Formal Table
ID: 517, Name: Formal Chair
ID: 520, Name: Tennis Net
ID: 521, Name: Pitcher’s Mound
ID: 522, Name: Tennis Court
ID: 525, Name: Tea Table
ID: 526, Name: Large Box
ID: 527, Name: Medium Box
ID: 528, Name: Small Box
ID: 529, Name: Portal Box
ID: 200, Name: Blue Bed
ID: 201, Name: Pink Bed
ID: 202, Name: Gray Bed
ID: 203, Name: Green Bed
ID: 204, Name: Gray Puffle House
ID: 205, Name: Brown Puffle House
ID: 206, Name: Pink Puffle House
ID: 207, Name: Blue Puffle House
ID: 208, Name: Green Puffle House
ID: 209, Name: Purple Puffle House
ID: 210, Name: Small Scratching Post
ID: 211, Name: Large Scratching Post
ID: 212, Name: Water Dish
ID: 213, Name: Fish Bowl
ID: 214, Name: Water Bottle
ID: 215, Name: Running Wheel
ID: 216, Name: Turtle Bowl
ID: 217, Name: Bird Cage
ID: 218, Name: Puffle Tree
ID: 219, Name: Puffle Tent
ID: 220, Name: Puffle Condo
ID: 221, Name: Purple Bed
ID: 222, Name: Red Bed
ID: 223, Name: Red Puffle House
ID: 224, Name: Scratch Tower
ID: 225, Name: Double Dish
ID: 226, Name: Puffle Igloo
ID: 227, Name: Yellow Bed
ID: 228, Name: Yellow Puffle House
ID: 229, Name: Koi Pond
ID: 230, Name: Green Birdhouse
ID: 231, Name: Blue Birdhouse


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