Clothing IDs

Hi guys! In order to get clothing you need to use the !ai command! Thank you!

ID: 1, Name: Blue
ID: 2, Name: Green
ID: 3, Name: Pink
ID: 4, Name: Black
ID: 5, Name: Red
ID: 6, Name: Orange
ID: 7, Name: Yellow
ID: 8, Name: Dark Purple
ID: 9, Name: Brown
ID: 10, Name: Peach
ID: 11, Name: Dark Green
ID: 12, Name: Light Blue
ID: 13, Name: Lime Green
ID: 401, Name: Sombrero
ID: 402, Name: Black Toque
ID: 403, Name: Hard Hat
ID: 404, Name: Cowboy Hat
ID: 405, Name: Baseball Cap
ID: 406, Name: Pink Ball Cap
ID: 407, Name: Red Propellor Cap
ID: 408, Name: Flower Hat
ID: 409, Name: Graduation Cap
ID: 410, Name: Queen’s Crown
ID: 411, Name: Festive Sombrero
ID: 412, Name: Tiara
ID: 413, Name: Party Hat (Beta Hat)
ID: 414, Name: Santa Hat
ID: 415, Name: Pilgrim Hat
ID: 417, Name: Brown Fedora
ID: 418, Name: Pink Toque
ID: 419, Name: Russian Hat
ID: 420, Name: Black Toque
ID: 421, Name: Pink Toque
ID: 422, Name: Newspaper Hat
ID: 423, Name: Top Hat
ID: 424, Name: Chef Hat
ID: 425, Name: Shamrock Hat
ID: 426, Name: Jester Hat
ID: 427, Name: Pink Bunny Ears
ID: 428, Name: Tour Guide Hat
ID: 429, Name: Miners Helmet
ID: 430, Name: 2nd Year Party Hat
ID: 431, Name: Blue Propellor Cap
ID: 432, Name: Safari Hat
ID: 433, Name: Black Cowboy Hat
ID: 434, Name: Pink Cowgirl Hat
ID: 435, Name: Red Ball Cap
ID: 436, Name: Blue Ball Cap
ID: 437, Name: Straw Hat
ID: 438, Name: Blue Toque
ID: 439, Name: Park Ranger Hat
ID: 440, Name: Sailor’s Cap
ID: 441, Name: Admiral’s Hat
ID: 443, Name: Wizard Hat
ID: 444, Name: 1st Year Party Hat
ID: 445, Name: Green Toque
ID: 446, Name: Fishing Hat
ID: 447, Name: Elf Hat
ID: 448, Name: Winter Cape
ID: 449, Name: Fruit Headdress
ID: 450, Name: Earflap Cap
ID: 451, Name: Roman Helmet
ID: 452, Name: Viking Helmet
ID: 453, Name: Football Helmet
ID: 454, Name: Bike Helmet
ID: 455, Name: Pink Viking Helmet
ID: 456, Name: Blue Viking Helmet
ID: 457, Name: Divers Helmet
ID: 458, Name: Space Helmet
ID: 460, Name: Gold Viking Helmet
ID: 461, Name: Hockey Helmet
ID: 462, Name: Red Football Helmet
ID: 463, Name: Blue Football Helmet
ID: 464, Name: Snowboard Helmet
ID: 465, Name: Firefighter Hat
ID: 466, Name: Angel Halo
ID: 467, Name: Pink Pom Pom Toque
ID: 468, Name: Alien Antenna
ID: 469, Name: Umbrella Hat
ID: 470, Name: Feathered Hat
ID: 471, Name: Reindeer Antlers
ID: 472, Name: Bee Antenna
ID: 473, Name: Winged Helmet
ID: 474, Name: Clown Wig
ID: 475, Name: Countess Steeple Hat
ID: 476, Name: Bard Hat
ID: 477, Name: Court Jester Hat
ID: 478, Name: Coral Crown
ID: 479, Name: Zeus The Moose Head
ID: 480, Name: Parrot Mascot Costume
ID: 481, Name: Headphones
ID: 482, Name: Stocking Cap
ID: 483, Name: Blue Earmuffs
ID: 484, Name: Pink Earmuffs
ID: 485, Name: Bonnet
ID: 486, Name: Feathered Tiara
ID: 487, Name: Princess Hat
ID: 488, Name: Head Band
ID: 489, Name: Director’s Hat
ID: 490, Name: Pirate Bandana
ID: 491, Name: Ice Crown
ID: 492, Name: Floppy Hat
ID: 493, Name: Tricorn Hat
ID: 494, Name: Golf Hat
ID: 495, Name: Marching Band Hat
ID: 496, Name: Blue Bunny Ears
ID: 497, Name: Sailor Hat
ID: 498, Name: Puffle Bandana
ID: 499, Name: Flower Headdress
ID: 650, Name: The Rocker
ID: 651, Name: The Spikester
ID: 652, Name: The Disco
ID: 653, Name: The Funster
ID: 654, Name: The Beekeeper
ID: 655, Name: The Sportster
ID: 656, Name: The Sunstriker
ID: 657, Name: The Flutterby
ID: 658, Name: The Sidetied
ID: 659, Name: Migrator Mascot Head
ID: 660, Name: Cocoa Bunny Ears
ID: 661, Name: The Cleo
ID: 662, Name: The Surf Knot
ID: 663, Name: Gigantic St. Patrick’s Hat
ID: 664, Name: Green Bunny Ears
ID: 665, Name: Alaska’s Explorer Hat
ID: 666, Name: Pharaoh Headdress
ID: 667, Name: King’s Crown
ID: 668, Name: Knight Helmet
ID: 669, Name: Woodsman’s Hat
ID: 670, Name: The Firestriker
ID: 671, Name: The Sidetied Too
ID: 672, Name: The Spikette
ID: 673, Name: Emerald Hat
ID: 674, Name: Red Hard Hat
ID: 675, Name: The Fern Fuzz
ID: 676, Name: Cheap Time Travel Hat
ID: 677, Name: The Suprema Diva
ID: 678, Name: The Messiness
ID: 1004, Name: Denim Hip Hop Hat
ID: 1005, Name: Green Paisley Bandana
ID: 1006, Name: Tweed Hat
ID: 1007, Name: The Tuft
ID: 1008, Name: The Dizzy
ID: 1009, Name: Gray Fedora
ID: 1010, Name: The Movie Star
ID: 1011, Name: Blue Felt Hat
ID: 1012, Name: Doorman’s Cap
ID: 1013, Name: Frankenpenguin Hat
ID: 1014, Name: Faery Wig
ID: 1015, Name: Rad Scientist Wig
ID: 1016, Name: Alien Thinking Cap
ID: 1017, Name: Brown Skater Hat
ID: 1018, Name: Pink Skater Hat
ID: 1019, Name: 3rd Year Party Hat
ID: 1020, Name: Chullo
ID: 1021, Name: The Chill
ID: 1022, Name: The Flouncy
ID: 1023, Name: Prince Redhood’s Hat
ID: 1024, Name: Beautiful Braid
ID: 1025, Name: Fairytails
ID: 1026, Name: Snowman Head
ID: 1027, Name: The Desert Rose
ID: 1028, Name: The Freestyle
ID: 1029, Name: The Shamrocker
ID: 1030, Name: Starlit Sombrero
ID: 1035, Name: Mini Sombrero
ID: 1036, Name: Goalie Helmet
ID: 1037, Name: Swim Cap & Goggles
ID: 1038, Name: Yellow Ball Cap
ID: 1039, Name: The Befluttered
ID: 1040, Name: Blue Top Hat
ID: 1041, Name: The Starlette
ID: 1042, Name: The Sidewinder
ID: 1043, Name: The Flickstar
ID: 1045, Name: Pink Visor
ID: 1046, Name: White Head Band
ID: 1047, Name: Baseball Helmet
ID: 1048, Name: The Belle
ID: 1049, Name: The Shenanigan
ID: 1050, Name: The Posh
ID: 1051, Name: Black Graduation Cap
ID: 101, Name: Black Sunglasses
ID: 102, Name: Night Vision
ID: 103, Name: 3D Glasses
ID: 104, Name: Ninja Mask
ID: 105, Name: Eyepatch
ID: 106, Name: Black Superhero Mask
ID: 107, Name: Blue Sunglasses
ID: 108, Name: Blue Sunglasses
ID: 109, Name: Free Red Sunglasses
ID: 110, Name: Red Sunglasses
ID: 111, Name: Designer Glasses
ID: 112, Name: Funny-Face Glasses
ID: 113, Name: Black Glasses
ID: 114, Name: Brown Glasses
ID: 116, Name: Snowflake Mask
ID: 117, Name: Trendy Sunglasses
ID: 118, Name: Trendy White Sunglasses
ID: 119, Name: Monocle
ID: 120, Name: Alien Mask
ID: 121, Name: Green Sunglasses
ID: 122, Name: Robot Helmet
ID: 123, Name: Blue Superhero Mask
ID: 124, Name: Pink Superhero Mask
ID: 125, Name: Aviator Sunglasses
ID: 126, Name: Big Brow
ID: 127, Name: Blue Tiki Mask
ID: 128, Name: Pink Tiki Mask
ID: 130, Name: Earring
ID: 131, Name: Snorkel
ID: 132, Name: Blue Snorkel
ID: 133, Name: Red Face Paint
ID: 134, Name: Blue Face Paint
ID: 135, Name: Yellow Snorkel
ID: 136, Name: Ski Goggles
ID: 137, Name: Swim Goggles
ID: 138, Name: Swirly Glasses
ID: 139, Name: Pink Snorkel
ID: 2001, Name: Green Giant Sunglasses
ID: 2002, Name: Yellow Giant Sunglasses
ID: 2003, Name: Black Scuba Mask
ID: 2004, Name: Blue Alien Mask
ID: 162, Name: Santa Beard
ID: 166, Name: Green Bowtie
ID: 167, Name: Green Necktie
ID: 168, Name: Parrot
ID: 169, Name: Green Scarf
ID: 170, Name: Halloween Scarf
ID: 171, Name: Hawaiian Lei
ID: 172, Name: Yellow Scarf
ID: 173, Name: Christmas Scarf
ID: 174, Name: Boa
ID: 175, Name: Pink Scarf
ID: 176, Name: Black Tie
ID: 177, Name: Striped Tie
ID: 178, Name: Shell Necklace
ID: 179, Name: Blue Scarf
ID: 180, Name: Snare Drum
ID: 181, Name: Pearl Necklace
ID: 182, Name: Pendant
ID: 183, Name: Bling Bling Medallion
ID: 184, Name: Star Necklace
ID: 185, Name: Candy Necklace
ID: 186, Name: Ruffle Collar
ID: 187, Name: Cheesy Necktie
ID: 188, Name: Mullet Necktie
ID: 189, Name: Smiley Necktie
ID: 190, Name: Primitive Necklace
ID: 191, Name: Life Vest
ID: 192, Name: Bandana
ID: 193, Name: Blue Lei
ID: 194, Name: Whistle
ID: 195, Name: Reporter Camera
ID: 196, Name: Green Tabard
ID: 197, Name: Orange Tabard
ID: 198, Name: Purple Tabard
ID: 199, Name: Backstage Pass
ID: 214, Name: Black Bowtie
ID: 216, Name: Free Bowtie
ID: 301, Name: Red Cape
ID: 302, Name: Blue Cape
ID: 303, Name: Black Cape
ID: 304, Name: Lime Green Cape
ID: 305, Name: Magicians Cape
ID: 306, Name: Red Backpack
ID: 307, Name: Messenger Bag
ID: 308, Name: Scuba Tank
ID: 309, Name: Bee Wings
ID: 310, Name: Fairy Wings
ID: 312, Name: Blue Backpack
ID: 313, Name: Hiking Backpack
ID: 314, Name: Pink Backpack
ID: 315, Name: Pink Cape
ID: 316, Name: Supply Bag
ID: 317, Name: Blue Mail Bag
ID: 793, Name: Royal Robe
ID: 3000, Name: Beaded Necklace
ID: 3001, Name: Jade Necklace
ID: 3002, Name: Silver Whistle
ID: 3003, Name: Gold Medal
ID: 3004, Name: Vinyl Messenger Bag
ID: 3005, Name: Skinny Blue Tie
ID: 3006, Name: Faery Wings
ID: 3007, Name: Yellow Cape
ID: 3008, Name: Twee’s Wings
ID: 3009, Name: Green Parrot
ID: 3012, Name: Blue Striped Scarf
ID: 3013, Name: Pink Designer Scarf
ID: 3014, Name: Accordion
ID: 3015, Name: White Bowtie
ID: 3018, Name: Green Trendy Scarf
ID: 3019, Name: Blue Designer Scarf
ID: 201, Name: Red Shirt
ID: 202, Name: Blue Polo Shirt
ID: 203, Name: Butterfly T-Shirt
ID: 204, Name: Astro Barrier T-Shirt
ID: 205, Name: I Love Puffle T-Shirt
ID: 206, Name: Red Shirt
ID: 207, Name: Snowflake T-Shirt
ID: 208, Name: Sailor’s Shirt
ID: 209, Name: Flannel Shirt
ID: 210, Name: Star T-Shirt
ID: 211, Name: Hawaiian Shirt
ID: 212, Name: Grass Skirt
ID: 213, Name: Orange Snowsuit
ID: 215, Name: Life Jacket
ID: 217, Name: Cowboy Vest
ID: 218, Name: Quilted Vest
ID: 219, Name: Blue Duffle Coat
ID: 221, Name: Black Hoodie
ID: 222, Name: Pink Hoodie
ID: 223, Name: Green Hoodie
ID: 224, Name: Purple Hoodie
ID: 225, Name: Red Turtleneck
ID: 226, Name: Green Turtleneck
ID: 227, Name: Bee Costume
ID: 228, Name: Princess Costume
ID: 229, Name: Blue Turtleneck
ID: 230, Name: Orange Jumper
ID: 231, Name: Pirate Belt
ID: 232, Name: Green Suede Jacket
ID: 235, Name: Yellow Raincoat
ID: 236, Name: Poncho
ID: 237, Name: Red Suede Jacket
ID: 238, Name: Pastal Suede Jacket
ID: 239, Name: Wetsuit
ID: 240, Name: Pizza Apron
ID: 241, Name: Purple Suede Jacket
ID: 242, Name: Victorian Dress
ID: 243, Name: Parka
ID: 244, Name: Ghost Costume
ID: 245, Name: Orange Space Suit
ID: 246, Name: Skeleton
ID: 247, Name: Clown Suit
ID: 248, Name: Kimono
ID: 249, Name: Pink Snowsuit
ID: 250, Name: Ice Cream Apron
ID: 251, Name: Jean Jacket
ID: 252, Name: Pink Dress
ID: 253, Name: Purple Dress
ID: 254, Name: Red Cheerleader Outfit
ID: 255, Name: Blue Cheerleader Outfit
ID: 256, Name: Ballerina
ID: 257, Name: Spring Dress
ID: 259, Name: Shamrock Dress
ID: 258, Name: Pirate Dress
ID: 260, Name: Seafoam Dress
ID: 261, Name: Black Suit
ID: 262, Name: Coffee Apron
ID: 263, Name: Pizza Apron
ID: 264, Name: Red Pirate Dress
ID: 265, Name: Fishing Vest
ID: 266, Name: Alien Costume
ID: 267, Name: Red Shorts
ID: 268, Name: Purple Space Suit
ID: 269, Name: Pink Swimsuit
ID: 270, Name: Purple Bikini
ID: 271, Name: Yellow Bikini
ID: 272, Name: Blue Shorts
ID: 273, Name: Aqua Bikini
ID: 274, Name: Inflatable Duck
ID: 275, Name: Overalls
ID: 276, Name: Robot Suit
ID: 277, Name: Red Hockey Jersey
ID: 278, Name: Blue Hockey Jersey
ID: 279, Name: Pink Letterman Jacket
ID: 280, Name: Green Letterman Jacket
ID: 281, Name: Black Letterman Jacket
ID: 282, Name: Lighthouse Shirt
ID: 283, Name: Pink Duffle Coat
ID: 284, Name: Elf Suit
ID: 285, Name: Admiral Jacket
ID: 286, Name: Flamenco Dress
ID: 287, Name: Matador Outfit
ID: 288, Name: Striped Overalls
ID: 289, Name: Long Johns
ID: 290, Name: Victorian Jacket
ID: 291, Name: Leprechaun Tuxedo
ID: 292, Name: Green Duck
ID: 293, Name: Tuba
ID: 294, Name: Tuxedo
ID: 295, Name: Captain’s Coat
ID: 296, Name: Red Letterman Jacket
ID: 297, Name: Lifeguard Shirt
ID: 298, Name: Sport Life Jacket
ID: 299, Name: Firefighter Jacket
ID: 720, Name: Blue Football Jersey
ID: 721, Name: Red Football Jersey
ID: 722, Name: Referee Jersey
ID: 760, Name: Countess Dress
ID: 761, Name: Bard Outfit
ID: 762, Name: Court Jester
ID: 763, Name: Fish Costume
ID: 764, Name: Winter Poncho
ID: 765, Name: Shadow Guy Costume
ID: 766, Name: Gamma Gal Costume
ID: 767, Name: Squidzoid Costume
ID: 768, Name: Mermaid Outfit
ID: 769, Name: White Admiral Jacket
ID: 770, Name: Safety Vest
ID: 771, Name: Blue Track Jacket
ID: 772, Name: Migrator Mascot Body
ID: 773, Name: Penguin Band Hoodie
ID: 774, Name: Seashell Belt
ID: 775, Name: Red Soccer Jersey
ID: 778, Name: Blue Soccer Jersey
ID: 780, Name: Daisy Zippered Hoodie
ID: 781, Name: Striped Rugby Shirt
ID: 782, Name: Cocoa Bunny Costume
ID: 783, Name: Casual Suit Jacket
ID: 784, Name: Yellow Sundress
ID: 785, Name: Ski Patrol Jacket
ID: 786, Name: Sienna Explorer Outfit
ID: 787, Name: Beige Explorer Outfit
ID: 788, Name: Pharaoh Costume
ID: 789, Name: Mummy Costume
ID: 790, Name: Black and Red Sailor Shirt
ID: 791, Name: Red Baseball Uniform
ID: 792, Name: Blue Baseball Uniform
ID: 794, Name: Knight Armor
ID: 795, Name: Dragon Costume
ID: 796, Name: Emerald Dress
ID: 797, Name: Queen’s Dress
ID: 798, Name: Blacksmith Apron
ID: 799, Name: Squire Outfit
ID: 830, Name: Surf Bikini
ID: 831, Name: Hawaiian Shorts
ID: 832, Name: Sarong
ID: 833, Name: Diver’s Suit
ID: 834, Name: Tiger Cave Toga
ID: 835, Name: Zebra Cave Toga
ID: 836, Name: Red Basketball Jersey
ID: 837, Name: Blue Basketball Jersey
ID: 838, Name: Striped Sash Dress
ID: 839, Name: Pink Pop Music Shirt
ID: 840, Name: Orange Rocker Shirt
ID: 841, Name: Supernova Suit
ID: 842, Name: Dazzle Dress
ID: 843, Name: Black Cowboy Shirt
ID: 844, Name: Pink Cowgirl Shirt
ID: 845, Name: Gray Pirate Coat
ID: 846, Name: Conductor Suit
ID: 848, Name: Pop Girl T-Shirt
ID: 849, Name: Carribean T-Shirt
ID: 850, Name: Western T-Shirt
ID: 851, Name: Sparkle Rock T-Shirt
ID: 852, Name: Classical T-Shirt
ID: 853, Name: Rocker T-Shirt
ID: 854, Name: Music Jam T-Shirt
ID: 4000, Name: Glacier Suit
ID: 4001, Name: Sunset Dress
ID: 4002, Name: Blue Cheerleading Sweater
ID: 4003, Name: Red Cheerleading Sweater
ID: 4004, Name: Red Track Jacket
ID: 4005, Name: Red Track & Field Uniform
ID: 4006, Name: Blue Track & Field Uniform
ID: 4007, Name: Layered Lavender Outfit
ID: 4008, Name: Sea Green Outfit
ID: 4009, Name: Blue Hoodie
ID: 4010, Name: Tweed Coat
ID: 4011, Name: Painter’s Overalls
ID: 4012, Name: Detective’s Coat
ID: 4013, Name: Blue Zoot Suit
ID: 4014, Name: Doorman’s Jacket
ID: 4015, Name: Dark Detective’s Coat
ID: 4016, Name: Frankenpenguin Costume
ID: 4017, Name: Faery Costume
ID: 4018, Name: Rad Scientist Costume
ID: 4019, Name: Sea-Worthy Dress
ID: 4020, Name: Sea-Worthy Suit
ID: 4021, Name: Blue Alien Costume
ID: 4023, Name: Green Vest
ID: 4024, Name: Purple Vest
ID: 4025, Name: White Ninja Belt
ID: 4026, Name: Yellow Ninja Belt
ID: 4027, Name: Orange Ninja Belt
ID: 4028, Name: Green Ninja Belt
ID: 4029, Name: Blue Ninja Belt
ID: 4030, Name: Red Ninja Belt
ID: 4031, Name: Purple Ninja Belt
ID: 4032, Name: Brown Ninja Belt
ID: 4033, Name: Black Ninja Belt
ID: 4034, Name: Ninja Outfit
ID: 4035, Name: White Parka
ID: 4036, Name: Prince Redhood’s Costume
ID: 4037, Name: Grumpunzel’s Dress
ID: 4038, Name: Twee’s Costume
ID: 4039, Name: Big Bad Wool Suit
ID: 4040, Name: Purple Figure Skating Dress
ID: 4041, Name: Snowman Costume
ID: 4042, Name: Gingerbread Costume
ID: 4043, Name: Yellow Winter Jacket
ID: 4044, Name: Green Winter Jacket
ID: 4045, Name: Baker’s Apron
ID: 4046, Name: Red Hoodie
ID: 4047, Name: Spikester Threads
ID: 4048, Name: Freestyle Threads
ID: 4049, Name: Yellow Fiesta Dress
ID: 4050, Name: Blue Torero Suit
ID: 4053, Name: Red Goalie Gear
ID: 4054, Name: Blue Goalie Gear
ID: 4055, Name: Racing Swimsuit
ID: 4056, Name: Mountain Climber Gear
ID: 4057, Name: Yellow Shirt
ID: 4058, Name: Blue Shirt
ID: 4059, Name: Green Shirt
ID: 4060, Name: Pink Shirt
ID: 4061, Name: Green Striped Rugby Shirt
ID: 4062, Name: Pink Striped Rugby Shirt
ID: 4063, Name: Pet Shop Staff Apron
ID: 4064, Name: Swashbuckler Outfit
ID: 4065, Name: Blue Tuxedo
ID: 4066, Name: Lavender Gown
ID: 4067, Name: Blue Dazzle Dress
ID: 4068, Name: Black Party Dress
ID: 4069, Name: White Tuxedo
ID: 4070, Name: Pink Tennis Outfit
ID: 4071, Name: Orange Tennis Outfit
ID: 4072, Name: Green Baseball Uniform
ID: 4075, Name: White Gi
ID: 4076, Name: Blue CP Hoodie Outfit
ID: 4077, Name: Green Quilted Coat
ID: 220, Name: Hockey Stick
ID: 233, Name: Electric Guitar
ID: 234, Name: Acoustic Guitar
ID: 321, Name: Flashing Lure Fishing Rod
ID: 322, Name: Gold Wristwatch
ID: 323, Name: Wrist Watch
ID: 324, Name: Pot O’Gold
ID: 325, Name: Water Wings
ID: 326, Name: Paddle Ball
ID: 327, Name: Lasso
ID: 328, Name: Bell
ID: 329, Name: Pompom
ID: 330, Name: Red Pompom
ID: 331, Name: Pumpkin Basket
ID: 332, Name: Magic Wand
ID: 333, Name: Blue Pompom
ID: 334, Name: Cane
ID: 335, Name: Pair of Maracas
ID: 336, Name: Lollipop
ID: 337, Name: Festive Maracas
ID: 338, Name: Black Electric Guitar
ID: 339, Name: Friendship Bracelet
ID: 340, Name: Drumsticks
ID: 341, Name: Flower Basket
ID: 342, Name: Snow Shovel
ID: 343, Name: Violin
ID: 344, Name: Life Ring
ID: 345, Name: Blue Water Wings
ID: 346, Name: Fishing Rod
ID: 347, Name: Flashlight
ID: 348, Name: Marshmallow Stick
ID: 349, Name: Tennis Racket
ID: 350, Name: Cotton Candy
ID: 713, Name: Pink Purse
ID: 715, Name: Gold Bracelets
ID: 716, Name: Crook & Flail
ID: 717, Name: Baseball Glove
ID: 718, Name: Crystal Staff
ID: 719, Name: Basketball
ID: 723, Name: Green Shield
ID: 724, Name: Orange Shield
ID: 725, Name: Purple Shield
ID: 726, Name: Football
ID: 727, Name: Soccerball
ID: 728, Name: Spikester Cuffs
ID: 729, Name: Blue Electric Bass
ID: 730, Name: Sunburst Acoustic
ID: 731, Name: Pink Electric Guitar
ID: 732, Name: Microphone
ID: 5001, Name: Mixed Bracelets
ID: 5002, Name: Denim Purse
ID: 5003, Name: Magnifying Glass
ID: 5004, Name: Blue Cotton Candy
ID: 5005, Name: Candy Apple
ID: 5006, Name: Teddy Bear
ID: 5007, Name: Blue Book
ID: 5008, Name: MP3K
ID: 5009, Name: Lantern
ID: 5010, Name: Pink Mittens
ID: 5011, Name: Blue Mittens
ID: 5012, Name: Hand Gong
ID: 5013, Name: Silver Wand
ID: 5014, Name: Trumpet
ID: 5015, Name: Wingwarmers
ID: 5016, Name: Boombox
ID: 5018, Name: Goalie Hockey Stick
ID: 5019, Name: Stop Watch
ID: 5022, Name: Penguin Play Award
ID: 5027, Name: Gardening Rake
ID: 701, Name: Flame Surfboard
ID: 702, Name: Daisy Surfboard
ID: 703, Name: Silver Surfboard
ID: 711, Name: Yellow Arrow Wakeboard
ID: 712, Name: Pink Striped Wakeboard
ID: 351, Name: Leather Shoes
ID: 352, Name: Black Sneakers
ID: 353, Name: Ballet Shoes
ID: 354, Name: Clown Shoes
ID: 355, Name: Cement Shoes
ID: 357, Name: Blue Sneakers
ID: 358, Name: Black Dress Shoes
ID: 359, Name: Pink Bow Dress Shoes
ID: 360, Name: Running Shoes
ID: 361, Name: Snowshoes
ID: 362, Name: Scuba Flippers
ID: 363, Name: Yellow Sandals
ID: 364, Name: Blue Flippers
ID: 365, Name: Winter Boots
ID: 366, Name: Bunny Slippers
ID: 367, Name: Yellow Flippers
ID: 368, Name: Cowboy Boots
ID: 369, Name: Ice Skates
ID: 370, Name: Elf Shoes
ID: 371, Name: Skateboard
ID: 372, Name: Hiking Boots
ID: 373, Name: Yellow Rubber Boots
ID: 374, Name: Pirate Boots
ID: 375, Name: Pink Sandals
ID: 376, Name: Brown Sandals
ID: 377, Name: Blue Rollerskates
ID: 378, Name: Pink Rollerskates
ID: 379, Name: Wool Socks
ID: 380, Name: Fuzzy Boots
ID: 381, Name: Green Rubber Boots
ID: 382, Name: Pink Flippers
ID: 383, Name: Blue Flower Flipflops
ID: 384, Name: Green Flipflops
ID: 385, Name: Cleats
ID: 386, Name: Pink Sneakers
ID: 387, Name: Orange Sneakers
ID: 388, Name: Stardust Slippers
ID: 6001, Name: Sunset Dress Shoes
ID: 6002, Name: Green Running Shoes
ID: 6003, Name: Pink Checkered Shoes
ID: 6004, Name: Black Checkered Shoes
ID: 6005, Name: Blue Cuckoo Ka-Shoes
ID: 6006, Name: Purple Cuckoo Ka-Shoes
ID: 6007, Name: Brown Pirate Boots
ID: 6008, Name: Black Zoot Shoes
ID: 6009, Name: Green Bunny Slippers
ID: 6010, Name: Big Bad Wool Hooves
ID: 6011, Name: Figure Skates
ID: 6012, Name: Geta Sandals
ID: 6013, Name: Hockey Skates
ID: 6015, Name: White Dress Shoes
ID: 6016, Name: Blue Stardust Slippers
ID: 6017, Name: Tennis Shoes
ID: 500, Name: Canada
ID: 501, Name: USA
ID: 502, Name: Australia
ID: 503, Name: United Kingdom
ID: 504, Name: Belgium
ID: 505, Name: Brazil
ID: 506, Name: China
ID: 507, Name: Denmark
ID: 508, Name: Finland
ID: 509, Name: France
ID: 510, Name: Germany
ID: 511, Name: Israel
ID: 512, Name: Japan
ID: 513, Name: Korea
ID: 514, Name: Netherlands
ID: 515, Name: Norway
ID: 516, Name: Poland
ID: 517, Name: Russia
ID: 518, Name: Spain
ID: 519, Name: Sweden
ID: 520, Name: Switzerland
ID: 521, Name: Turkey
ID: 522, Name: Mexico
ID: 523, Name: New Zealand
ID: 524, Name: Ireland
ID: 525, Name: Portugal
ID: 526, Name: South Africa
ID: 527, Name: India
ID: 528, Name: Italy
ID: 529, Name: Belize
ID: 530, Name: Egypt
ID: 531, Name: Hungary
ID: 532, Name: Antarctica
ID: 533, Name: Argentina
ID: 534, Name: Jamaica
ID: 535, Name: Chile
ID: 550, Name: Shamrock
ID: 551, Name: Music Note
ID: 552, Name: Plant
ID: 553, Name: Pizza Slice
ID: 554, Name: Balloon
ID: 555, Name: Mining Lantern
ID: 556, Name: Beach Ball
ID: 557, Name: Sun
ID: 558, Name: Horse Shoe
ID: 559, Name: Astro
ID: 560, Name: Hockey
ID: 561, Name: Soccer
ID: 562, Name: Pencil
ID: 563, Name: Lighthouse
ID: 564, Name: Telescope
ID: 565, Name: Pirate Flag
ID: 566, Name: Pumpkin
ID: 567, Name: Jet Pack
ID: 568, Name: Life Ring
ID: 569, Name: Bonfire
ID: 570, Name: Christmas Tree Pin
ID: 571, Name: Candy Cane
ID: 572, Name: Apple
ID: 573, Name: Cactus
ID: 574, Name: Teddy Bear
ID: 575, Name: Ice Block
ID: 576, Name: Shrimp Pin
ID: 577, Name: Pot of Gold
ID: 578, Name: Cardboard Box
ID: 579, Name: Microphone
ID: 580, Name: Gem
ID: 581, Name: Tulip
ID: 582, Name: Starfish
ID: 583, Name: Surfboard
ID: 584, Name: Picnic Basket
ID: 585, Name: Water Droplet
ID: 586, Name: Cart
ID: 587, Name: Butterfly
ID: 588, Name: Tent
ID: 589, Name: Baseball
ID: 590, Name: Jellyfish
ID: 591, Name: Circus Tent
ID: 592, Name: Ping Pong Paddle
ID: 593, Name: Hairbrush
ID: 594, Name: Spider
ID: 595, Name: UFO
ID: 596, Name: Needle
ID: 597, Name: Holly
ID: 598, Name: Wreath
ID: 599, Name: Red Snow Shovel
ID: 600, Name: Sombrero
ID: 601, Name: Rowboat
ID: 602, Name: Anchor
ID: 603, Name: Golden Wheel
ID: 604, Name: Aqua Grabber
ID: 605, Name: Book
ID: 606, Name: Crayon
ID: 607, Name: Pyramid
ID: 608, Name: Treasure Chest
ID: 609, Name: Captain’s Quarters Key
ID: 610, Name: Goblet
ID: 611, Name: Anvil
ID: 612, Name: Icecream Cone
ID: 613, Name: Basketball
ID: 614, Name: Firework Rocket
ID: 615, Name: Treble Clef
ID: 616, Name: Vinyl Record
ID: 617, Name: Dodgeball
ID: 618, Name: 150th Newspaper
ID: 619, Name: Magnifying Glass
ID: 620, Name: Ruby
ID: 621, Name: Yellow Balloon
ID: 622, Name: Lollipop
ID: 623, Name: Microscope
ID: 624, Name: Anniversary Cake
ID: 625, Name: Blue Snow Shovel
ID: 626, Name: Snowflake Tile
ID: 627, Name: Snow Fort
ID: 628, Name: Present
ID: 629, Name: Gingerbread Man
ID: 630, Name: Taco
ID: 631, Name: Lily
ID: 632, Name: Box O’ Puffle O’s
ID: 633, Name: O’ Berry
ID: 634, Name: Lucky Coin
ID: 635, Name: Top Hat
ID: 636, Name: Chocolate Bunny
ID: 750, Name: Blue Puffle
ID: 751, Name: Pink Puffle
ID: 752, Name: Black Puffle
ID: 753, Name: Green Puffle
ID: 754, Name: Purple Puffle
ID: 755, Name: Red Puffle
ID: 756, Name: Yellow Puffle
ID: 800, Name: Spy Phone
ID: 801, Name: Mission 1 Medal
ID: 802, Name: Letter from Aunt Arctic
ID: 803, Name: Mission 2 Medal
ID: 804, Name: Letter from G
ID: 805, Name: Mission 3 Medal
ID: 806, Name: Card from Dancing Penguin
ID: 807, Name: Forest Map
ID: 808, Name: Mission 4 Medal
ID: 809, Name: Handy Penguin Award
ID: 810, Name: Mission 5 Medal
ID: 811, Name: Box of Pizza
ID: 812, Name: Coins For Change Card
ID: 813, Name: Mission 6 Medal
ID: 814, Name: Magnet Blueprints
ID: 815, Name: Mission 7 Medal
ID: 816, Name: Blue Pennant
ID: 817, Name: Mission 8 Medal
ID: 818, Name: Cool Gift
ID: 819, Name: Mission 9 Medal
ID: 820, Name: Box of Chocolates
ID: 821, Name: Starter Deck
ID: 822, Name: Mission 10 Medal
ID: 823, Name: Employee of the Month Trophy
ID: 8000, Name: Wood EPF Badge
ID: 8001, Name: Ice EPF Badge
ID: 8002, Name: Bronze EPF Badge
ID: 8003, Name: Silver EPF Badge
ID: 8004, Name: Gold EPF Badge
ID: 8005, Name: EPF Certificate
ID: 901, Name: Heart Background
ID: 902, Name: Flower Background
ID: 903, Name: Nightime Background
ID: 904, Name: Clouds Background
ID: 905, Name: Cut-out Background
ID: 906, Name: Target Background
ID: 907, Name: Camo Background
ID: 908, Name: Lined Paper Background
ID: 909, Name: Pink Hawaiian Background
ID: 910, Name: Blue Hawaiian Background
ID: 911, Name: Oasis Background
ID: 912, Name: Beach Background
ID: 913, Name: Western Sunset Background
ID: 914, Name: Corral Background
ID: 915, Name: Saloon Background
ID: 916, Name: Stagecoach Background
ID: 917, Name: Band Background
ID: 918, Name: Soccer Background
ID: 919, Name: Hockey Background
ID: 920, Name: Basketball Background
ID: 921, Name: Gymnastic Background
ID: 922, Name: Blue Vines Background
ID: 923, Name: Brick Background
ID: 924, Name: Underwater Background
ID: 925, Name: Puffle Background
ID: 926, Name: Lighthouse Background
ID: 927, Name: Autumn Leaves Background
ID: 928, Name: Pumpkin Patch Background
ID: 929, Name: Igloo Background
ID: 930, Name: Launchpad Background
ID: 931, Name: Zigzag Background
ID: 932, Name: Winter Background
ID: 933, Name: Gift Wrap Background
ID: 934, Name: Christmas Background
ID: 935, Name: Snowflakes Background
ID: 936, Name: Ice Fishing Background
ID: 937, Name: Disco Background
ID: 938, Name: Mexican Background
ID: 939, Name: Aurora Background
ID: 940, Name: Snowman Background
ID: 941, Name: Lace Background
ID: 942, Name: Melting Background
ID: 943, Name: Springtime Background
ID: 944, Name: Pizza Splat Background
ID: 945, Name: Sea Monster Background
ID: 946, Name: Music Score Background
ID: 947, Name: Piano Keys Background
ID: 948, Name: Instruments Background
ID: 949, Name: Bookshelves Background
ID: 950, Name: Balloon Arch Background
ID: 951, Name: Hydro Hopper Background
ID: 952, Name: Picnic Background
ID: 953, Name: Surfboards Background
ID: 954, Name: Fish Background
ID: 955, Name: Campfire Background
ID: 956, Name: Jigsaw Background
ID: 957, Name: Water Balloon Background
ID: 958, Name: Splash Background
ID: 959, Name: Rockhopper Background
ID: 960, Name: Map Background
ID: 961, Name: Tent Background
ID: 962, Name: Lemonade Stand Background
ID: 963, Name: Fireflies Background
ID: 964, Name: Camping Background
ID: 965, Name: Baseball Background
ID: 966, Name: Apples Background
ID: 967, Name: Dock Jumping Background
ID: 968, Name: Wakeboard Background
ID: 969, Name: Sunset Background
ID: 970, Name: Teddy Bear Background
ID: 971, Name: Spooky Trees Background
ID: 972, Name: Igloo Door Background
ID: 973, Name: Candy Background
ID: 974, Name: Football Background
ID: 975, Name: Mountaintop Background
ID: 976, Name: Jetpack Background
ID: 977, Name: Snapshots Background
ID: 978, Name: Christmas Trees Background
ID: 979, Name: Plaid Background
ID: 980, Name: Blossom Background
ID: 981, Name: Blue Stars Background
ID: 982, Name: Bamboo Background
ID: 983, Name: Sunflowers Background
ID: 984, Name: Space Background
ID: 985, Name: Emotes Background
ID: 986, Name: Snow Forts Background
ID: 987, Name: Adventure Background
ID: 988, Name: Castle Background
ID: 989, Name: Tabard Background
ID: 990, Name: Twelfth Fish Background
ID: 991, Name: Fresco Waves Background
ID: 992, Name: Volcanic Background
ID: 993, Name: Sports Equipment Background
ID: 994, Name: Karaoke Background
ID: 995, Name: Cityscape Background
ID: 996, Name: Band Autograph
ID: 997, Name: Beach Chairs Background
ID: 998, Name: Gym Background
ID: 999, Name: Blueprints Background
ID: 9000, Name: Scarlet Leaves Background
ID: 9001, Name: Noir Background
ID: 9002, Name: Detective Background
ID: 9003, Name: Carousel Background
ID: 9004, Name: Stormy Background
ID: 9005, Name: Planet Y Background
ID: 9006, Name: Giant Pumpkin Background
ID: 9007, Name: Gary Background
ID: 9008, Name: Ice Cave Background
ID: 9009, Name: Fairy Fables Background
ID: 9011, Name: Christmas Carol Background
ID: 9013, Name: Piata Background
ID: 9014, Name: Neon Mania Background
ID: 9015, Name: Cadence’s Autograph
ID: 9016, Name: Pet Shop Background
ID: 9017, Name: Leprechaun Background
ID: 9018, Name: Awards Background
ID: 9020, Name: Penguin Awards Background
ID: 9021, Name: Aunt Arctic’s Autograph
ID: 9022, Name: Bright Flowers Background
ID: 10113, Name: Black Glasses
ID: 10120, Name: Alien Mask
ID: 10123, Name: Blue Superhero Mask
ID: 10181, Name: Pearl Necklace
ID: 10195, Name: Reporter Camera
ID: 10210, Name: Star T-Shirt
ID: 10227, Name: Bee Costume
ID: 10228, Name: Princess Costume
ID: 10239, Name: Wetsuit
ID: 10244, Name: Ghost Costume
ID: 10245, Name: Orange Space Suit
ID: 10254, Name: Red Cheerleader
ID: 10262, Name: Coffee Apron
ID: 10263, Name: Pizza Apron
ID: 10266, Name: Alien Costume
ID: 10299, Name: Firefighter Jacket
ID: 10302, Name: Blue Cape
ID: 10308, Name: Scuba Tank
ID: 10309, Name: Bee Wings
ID: 10310, Name: Fairy Wings
ID: 10330, Name: Red Pompom
ID: 10331, Name: Pumpkin Basket
ID: 10332, Name: Magic Wand
ID: 10338, Name: Black Electric Guitar
ID: 10352, Name: Black Sneakers
ID: 10367, Name: Yellow Flippers
ID: 10372, Name: Hiking Boots
ID: 10373, Name: Rubber Boots
ID: 10376, Name: Brown Sandals
ID: 10403, Name: Hard Hat
ID: 10424, Name: Chef Hat
ID: 10458, Name: Space Helmet
ID: 10465, Name: Firefighter Hat
ID: 10472, Name: Bee Antenna
ID: 10473, Name: Winged Helmet
ID: 10478, Name: Coral Crown
ID: 10487, Name: Princess Hat
ID: 10494, Name: Golf Hat
ID: 10651, Name: The Spikester
ID: 10653, Name: The Funster
ID: 10727, Name: Soccerball
ID: 10765, Name: Shadow Guy Costume
ID: 10768, Name: Mermaid Outfit
ID: 10770, Name: Safety Vest
ID: 10775, Name: Red Soccer Jersey
ID: 11013, Name: Frankenpenguin Hat
ID: 11017, Name: Brown Skater Hat
ID: 11018, Name: Pink Skater Hat
ID: 12003, Name: Black Scuba Mask
ID: 13007, Name: Yellow Cape
ID: 14016, Name: Frankenpenguin Costume
ID: 14035, Name: White Parka
ID: 15007, Name: Blue Book
ID: 15008, Name: MP3000
ID: 16009, Name: Green Bunny Slippers
ID: 10414, Name: Santa Hat
ID: 14046, Name: Red Hoodie
ID: 10162, Name: Santa Beard
ID: 10374, Name: Pirate Boots
ID: 10284, Name: Elf Suit
ID: 10370, Name: Elf Shoes
ID: 10471, Name: Reindeer Antlers
ID: 10407, Name: Red Propellor Cap
ID: 10412, Name: Tiara
ID: 10432, Name: Safari Hat
ID: 10463, Name: Blue Football Helmet
ID: 10464, Name: Snowboard Helmet
ID: 10481, Name: Headphones
ID: 10482, Name: Stocking Cap
ID: 10487, Name: Princess Hat
ID: 10498, Name: Puffle Bandana
ID: 10666, Name: Pharaoh Headdress
ID: 10667, Name: King’s Crown
ID: 10207, Name: Snowflake T-Shirt
ID: 10213, Name: Orange Snowsuit
ID: 10228, Name: Princess Costume
ID: 10256, Name: Ballerina
ID: 10261, Name: Black Suit
ID: 10282, Name: Lighthouse Shirt
ID: 10289, Name: Long Johns
ID: 10296, Name: Red Letterman Jacket
ID: 10720, Name: Blue Football Jersey
ID: 10765, Name: Shadow Guy Costume
ID: 10766, Name: Gamma Gal Costume
ID: 10773, Name: Penguin Band Hoodie
ID: 10785, Name: Ski Patrol Jacket
ID: 10787, Name: Beige Explorer Outfit
ID: 10788, Name: Pharaoh Costume
ID: 10789, Name: Mummy Costume
ID: 10795, Name: Dragon Costume
ID: 10353, Name: Ballet Shoes
ID: 10357, Name: Blue Sneakers
ID: 10366, Name: Bunny Slippers
ID: 10214, Name: Black Bowtie
ID: 10302, Name: Blue Cape
ID: 10310, Name: Fairy Wings
ID: 10315, Name: Pink Cape
ID: 10793, Name: Royal Robe
ID: 10332, Name: Magic Wand
ID: 10715, Name: Gold Bracelets
ID: 10101, Name: Black Sunglasses
ID: 10105, Name: Eyepatch
ID: 10110, Name: Red Sunglasses
ID: 10123, Name: Blue Superhero Mask
ID: 10124, Name: Pink Superhero Mask
ID: 12005, Name: Red Ski Goggles
ID: 14051, Name: Blue Daisy Hoodie
ID: 13010, Name: Candycane Scarf
ID: 12006, Name: Black Diva Sunglasses
ID: 15017, Name: Keytar
ID: 11031, Name: Kitty Kat Hat
ID: 14052, Name: Crosshatch Hoodie

Thanks for looking! Hope you enjoy cpps’s with these items!


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