Sunny Valley = Fail

Today on SV I played and played then all of the sudden s***** stuff was there! I automatically shut the web browser because of the perverted people! They have no life! Everyone has quit cause of this and aren’t happy! Also there is a hacker there! The hacker is gonna hack SV and Oh My Gosh! He said hes gonna hack everyone! The security is messed up and they don’t know how to take care of SV! SV is a great CPPS but all the stuff they do there is gross! Gosh! So I advise you not to go now as this horrible stuff has happened!

Thank you,


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Cpps Still on! :D

There was a fake lawsuit saying that OpenCP sources were illegal so they would have to shut down! This came from Flappi282 and Hyperdude120! They just wanted all Cppses down because they got no credit for all the work they have done! So luckily it was fake! Either way somehow or someday Cppses will be shutdown but that’s not what were worrying about right now! Anyways I was worried that my Penguin Museum cpps won’t release because of this! But I will continue since I found out it was fake. Anyways keep waddling on!

Sincerely,                                                                                                                                               Zzzzjonathan (Owner Of Cpps Cheat Site)

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Almost All Cpps’s Down!

Hi guys! I have noticed that lots of Cpps’s are down at the moment! I will keep you updated when they come back online! Thanks and bye! 🙂

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Penguin Linx A new Cpps!

Hi guys it’s Zzzzjonathan here to say that a new Cpps has arrived! But you must have Hamachi! The site is

The username for the Hamachi login is: Penguin Linx and the password is: 123

Enjoy your stay at Penguin Linx and try to make it your best! NOTE: The staff there is really kind!

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MegaPenguin New Cpps!

Hey guys I found out about a super cool and wicked cpps that came out! It is nice and custom! Their site is

Sign up there cause if you don’t you will regret not signing up! My favorite place is the plaza so if I were you I would go there and party! Also check out the amazing Pizza Parlor! To me this is the best CPPS!

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Penguin Orbit Updates!

Hi guys it’s me Zzzzjonathan! I have been on Penguin Orbit for so long! If your wondering why it’s because it’s the best cpps out there right now! They have the Music Jam party and all cool rooms to go to!

The commands are:





And all sorts of them!

So join today!

Another secret is that if you type :room 861 it brings you to the Yeti’s cave! That is my favorite place! So get ready to join the best Cpps out there!

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Mothers Day Special!

Hi guys Mothers Day is coming! Since this ones gonna be extra special I thought that I should do something for you guys! First of all it is a contest! Whoever gets 3rd place and under wins a prize!

Prizes: 1st place prize: Mod on my cpps,

2nd place: Med on my cpps,

3rd place: trial mod for 2 weeks!

You guessed it! But wait! On my Cpps only!

Also! After trial mod I will see how you have done and if you did good as a trial mod then you will be a perminite mod! Hip hip hurray!

Anyways my Cpps is coming soon!

But wait! The instructions on how to win: Tag me on a private server if you see me! I am Zzzzjonathan! The first one to say tag to me while being near me wins the 1st place prize! Then it goes on and on and on! Thanks and have a happy Mothers Day!

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Hi guys I found out about MystCP! MystCP is the new Ghetto Penguin by the same authors! It should release soon! Thanks and i’ll keep you updated! For now I am taking Ghetto Penguin off from the List of working cpps’s page! Thanks and bye!

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Ghetto Penguins Website!

Oh no! I went to and it said welcome to Mystcp! What happened to Ghetto Penguin! Oh no!

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Penguin Sentex Online Again!

Hi guys! Penguin Sentex came back! Go to this site to sign up!

and website is:

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